We Are Passionate About Building People, Partnerships and Brand Experiences. 

EventPro Strategies leads the industry in providing outstanding results in three key areas:

Consumer Engagement
Event Technology


Return on Investment



EventTrack, the annual event marketing research survey, found that 96 percent of consumers surveyed said that participating in an event made them more inclined to purchase. Event marketing works. Consumer trust is built through genuine interpersonal interactions that only come from engaging with someone face-to-face. Deepen consumer relationships and increase sales with an event marketing campaign staffed and executed by EPS. 



EPS is one of the few agencies that combines top-tier event staffing with powerful industry technology. EventPro Strategies has partnered BookedOut to deliver the most innovative, effective and scalable technology in the business. In fact, our app-based technology is the only Microsoft-supported event staffing platform. Our client partners enjoy the same incredible hands-on service from EPS, backed with this incredible resource. 



When you invest in an event staffing partner, you need an agency with a solid track record of achieving great ROI for its clients. When you're trusting another business with your brand image, it's important to be sure that they have generated fantastic returns for others. EPS has produced fantastic results for our clients. Check them out here.