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rgb_hard_cover.pngThe success of an event largely rests with the caliber of the people who are representing the brand. Whether you need boots on the ground to promote your brand and engage consumers face-to-face or specialty talent for a show-stopping PR stunt, a team of highly professional staff will always go a long way in making sure your marketing event runs smoothly.

Since finding the right people often takes precidence, sometimes it can be difficult to know if you’ve covered everything else related to setting them up for success:

"How to we make sure our event staff are properly trained?"

"Do I hire my staff as W-2 employees or independent contractors?"

"What if we've overcalculated the amount of zombies we need for this zombiewalk?" (Impossible by the way)

The list of stresses and worries could go on forever. That’s why we’ve created a FREE guide on event staffing, aptly named The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Staffing Guide and Checklist.

With this event planning companion you’ll make every marketing event fantastic.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How Experiential Marketing Amplifies Other Marketing Efforts

  • The Keys to Finding the Right Staff for Your Event

  • How to Choose the Right Event Staffing Agency

And so much more!

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